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Based on 1 customer reviews Walts TV is rated 1.0 out of 5. They have been selling on Walmart Marketplace since 2016. They sell Samsung, Sony, SANUS, LG and Audio-Technica products in Electronics, Seasonal and Shop by Brand categories.

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Based on advertised delivery dates from Walmart and its competitors (prices were the same for every seller, and shipping was free), the item was purchased for a 12/23/20 delivery to my home. It is because 12/23 was a birthday, and this item was set for delivery at my home, I waited all day! The Walmart tracker kept showing an almost filled in status bar, and the phrase "on its way," above the status bar. There were other sellers that quoted 12/26/20 delivery to my home, but I bought the item from here because it advertised delivery on the birthday of the recipient. When I called the shipping company to ask what the hold up was, I was informed that my item was placed at a warehouse in Long Beach where it would stay over the next five days. They never had the item set for delivery on 12/23. I explained the status bar at the Walmart website, and it was like talking to a brick wall. I called Walt's TV and spoke with Sandra, who was informed by the shipping company that they were not delivering on 12/24, or over the weekend after Christmas Day, and too bad the Walmart website does this kind of tactic to get sales. Instead of getting the item as promised on 12/23, or purchasing elsewhere and getting it delivered today, 12/26, I have nothing! Walt's knows Walmart's tactics. This makes this seller as guilty as Walmart for the delayed delivery date in my opinion! Now the Walmart tracker says, "Delayed—check back later for status update." If I find my item in a store today, and get it brought to my home and installed today, I have been warned by Walt's return policy, I will be refunded less the shipping coming and going. How is that for customer service? Provoking my full ire, the WALMART CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Survey already arrived in my email inbox on 12/24/20.

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