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Based on 5 customer reviews Find-It-Fast is rated 1.0 out of 5 stars. They have been selling on Walmart Marketplace since 2020.

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A SCAMMER from this so called Find-It-Fast company on Walmart! I purchased items on the Walmart store from this scammer and it gave me the wrong UPS tracking number. I contacted UPS and they asked to verify my name and address, but the label did not match the tracking number since it said it was delivered. I was not the recipient. I contacted them with no resolution. I contacted Walmart and they issued me the refund immediately. They stated that this isn't the first time that this scammer has done this. I don't know why Walmart can't shut them down. It's not worth the hassle.

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If I could leave zero stars I would. I have never dealt with such an incompetent customer service in all of many years I've been doing e-commerce. Simple background, small order in the amount of 19.94 never made it to my residence. Instead it was dropped off at a commercial address and signed for by a receptionist. My house does not have a receptionist. Provided Find-It-Fast's customer service with all UPS tracking information. UPS proved that the address label had my name and another person's name and their commercial address below my name. They still were unmoved. Anyway, after 6 emails, I finally reached out to Walmart customer service and provided them the same documents I sent this joke of a company. Refund approved on the spot. Recommendation: if you see this seller on Walmart's e-commerce site, avoid and look for another seller. You don't need the headache dealing with this stunning level of incompetence and piss poor customer service.

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This company is a SCAMMER. The review should really be zero stars. I ordered a product from Walmart — a 2 pack — and they shipped a single of the product via Amazon. I was confused when I received the product from Amazon which they sent as a “GIFT”. Walmart was very responsive in forwarding my complaint to the seller who NEVER contacted me. I discovered if I tried to return the product to Amazon (the shipper) I would have only been credited for the single product price that I received from them which would have meant I was out $17 plus the cost of the return. So the seller would pocket the difference. When I discovered the game that this seller was trying to play, I contacted Walmart who was VERY good about handling this and providing a full product refund. Thank you Walmart. Please DO NOT do business with Find-It-Fast!

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Don’t buy anything from find it fast

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Their response time is too way too slow past 24-48 hours. Walmart worked with me to process the refund. Walmart does not want me to wait for the replacement. Walmart should break its contract with Find It Fast Seller

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